Game Developer and Musician

The Misc Page

This will be where I dump miscellaneous and/or unfinished stuff. This might include video links to fun stuff I've worked on.

Drawing Game Demo

I got inspired by Trine to try and implement this kind of mechanic.

UE4 Interactive Grass

This was me trying to figure out materials in Unreal Engine.

2D Occlusion Shader

This was an idea that seemed better in my head. But I guess it could look cool in some very specific cases.

Custom 2D engine

This is a demonstration of the 3D-preview mode in an old engine I wrote for a private project.

And this is a demo I made to show how well Tiled and Box2D work together.
I defined all the physics object's shapes in Tiled, exported it using JSON, and then tweaked the data slightly in code to make it work with Box2D.

C++ OpenGL Rendering Engine

This was just a small project where I played around with asset importing and rendering.

CPU Renderer

I wanted to try writing 3D rendering without using the GPU; So I did it :) It's not optimized, and the code looks like shit, but I'm happy with the rendered result.

Unity Aircraft Game Demo

Me and a friend from UNI started working on this little physics based exploration game. We both liked the idea of steering a vehicle while you run around inside it.